Beautiful Birds

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Peach Face Lovebirds~ Some Pics from Past Clutches

A Whiteface violet ( from Halo and Estellita) and A 1xOrangeface Violet Hen ( from Michael and Valencia)

Above---------- Michael and Valencia ~ My first producing pair WAY back in 1999

a 4 week old double factor (2X) Orange face baby- his face will be the color of TANG when full grown- this baby is a grandchild of Michael and Valencia

Halo- Whiteface violet male - and Estellita- an Australian Cinnamon Whiteface hen

These Babies Are Some of Halo and Estellita's Offspring... They Threw Many Mutations... All of Them Beautiful

Blue Series- 2xviolet Whiteface.... Whiteface Australian Cinnamon 2xviolet---- Absolutely gorgeous and the sweetest dispostions ever!

More Australian Cinnamons- both whiteface violets as you can see on the rumps ... and peeking up is an Orangeface Lutino chick

An 8 Day Old Chick... the skin color, down color and even eye color at hatching can tell you exactly what the bird will look like when it grows up- Amazing isn't it?

This little guy has dark purple eyes so is a cinnamon or lutino mutation

Here you see an Orange Face Lutino- the tail spots are the color the face will be when it matures.

Also you see an olive mutation... 2xviolet with some other things thrown in