Peach Face Lovebirds

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Here are a few of the mutations we have:

Green Series:

A Lutino Peachface and an Orangeface Peachface
(there is only one orangeface gene so the orange is a pumpkin shade instead of the color of Sunny D)

An Olive Peach Face- the rump will be slate gray in Olive mutation


The blue baby in the carrier is now all grown up ! He is the only baby of Stevie B.and Mrs. Byrd that I kept. Stevie B and Mrs Byrd are in a new aviary now, but Stevie Jr is here and soon he and Duckie will be parents. I am anxious to see if the blue is as strong in the next generation. There is also an Orange Face factor that I am curious to see in their babies.

Halo is a seagreen/australian cinnamon ~
Estrella is a Seagreen Australian Cinnamon Violet Pied. The flash has made both of these birds show more yellow than they truly are... He is a pale blue-green and she is a nearly butter cream yellow with violet patches all over. Both are simply beautiful birds.

A Whiteface Australian Cinnamon Violet


Stevie Jr & Ducky- He is a nearly True Blue Peachface and She is an Australian Cinnamon Violet

Stevie Jr is one of Stevie B. & Mrs Byrd's babies from the photo above...he is the pretty purple blue baby in the carrier. His colors have intensified as an adult.