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Here are some lovely Pacific Parrotlets... at one time we had the nominate (green) series as well as blue and yellow mutations. These are wonderful birds and make terrific pets- for first timers and experienced bird owners alike.

Carolina Blue- A Blue Pacific Mutation hen

Cosmo Cola- A Blue Lucida male

Limon ( left) and RC Cola (right)~ both are Lucida males

Note the color differences in these 2 males. They are same age, but the intensity varies from bird to bird.

 Male and Female Pacific or Celestial Parrotlets.

The Male is RC Cola- Cosmo Cola's son. The Female is Shasta Col- the daughter of Limon.

Male and Female Lucida Pacific Parrotlets

You can see the blue on the rump of the heb that singles her out as a Lucida hen... notice the paler hue compared to Dewey. Note that Lucida hens have not blue on their wings.